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Esther de Pommery - Comtesse de Lambrey

The de Lambrey family was titled by King Louis XV1 in 1775 and Esther de Pommery is 

a descendant by marriage of General Charles Emmanuel Count de Lambrey.

Esther de Pommery has had a passion for beautiful jewellery for many years and has now joined The House of DKANI to design and create an exquisite range of jewellery.

We are privileged and honoured to be associated with a distinguished noble European family.

Esther de Pommery is well known for her tireless work for the needy and has devoted 

the last twenty years of her life donating tens of millions worth of hospital equipment,

clothing, food, medicines, and gifts to Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

To further her good works, Esther de Pommery created “The Esther de Pommery Foundation”.

We are proud to be able to support her foundation by making a donation from the proceeds of the jewellery presented on this website.

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