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Esther de Pommery - Comtesse de Lambrey


The House of DKANI is privileged and honoured to be associated with such a distinguished family. Esther de Pommery Comtesse de Lambrey has had a passion for beautiful jewellery for many years and has joined The House of DKANI to design and create an exquisite collection of jewellery known as The Comtesse de Lambrey Royal Collection.

Esther was born in Switzerland to parents with deep faith who made sacrifices to support the poor and destitute. Following their footsteps, She dedicated her life to the service of others through the study and practising of obstetrics/midwifery.

Until recently, Esther was still called out in the middle of the night to save the lives of mothers and children in extreme emergencies. Esther also trained to be an opera singer in Vienna.

Esther worked in Israel at a military hospital and was trained as a nurse. It was during this time whilst Esther was working in Masada, that she met Count Christian de Pommery, a direct descendant of Lieutenant Colonel Berthede de Pommery, whose ancestors were titled by King Louis XVI in 1775 for their services to the crown of France. Esther was honoured with the title Comtesse de Lambrey by her husband.

General Charles Emmanuel Count de Lambrey, was a Lieutenant General and Commandant General in the Windward Islands in America. He died without ever having married but his estate in Lambrey had been raised to a county in recognition of his services.

Esther de Pommery Comtesse de Lambrey, royal by marriage, never forgot her mission, to be a "A Voice for the Voiceless". To further continue her good works, Esther created The Esther de Pommery Foundation. This is well known for its devoted work for the needy and has spent the last twenty years donating tens of millions of Euros for hospital equipment, clothing, food, medicines and gifts to a host of countries: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, USA, Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Thailand, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 80 hospitals, orphanages and clinics have benefited from The Esther de Pommery Foundation.

Esther has served as a board member on many international organisations including being a UN Representative in Geneva for the New Future Foundation in New York, and a former ambassador to The Swiss Red Cross. She has received countless universal awards and accolades by impacting the lives of many people around the globe. Esther was honoured with The Highest Presidential Recognition of Bulgaria: The Madarski Konik Medal.


Esther received the title Dr. h. c. Esther de Pommery from the IMAB. The International Security Company Bodyguard-Fire-K Ltd. granted her an Award for her contribution to the international development.

H.R.H. Princess Majda Ra'ad of Jordan and the Hussein Society for the Rehabilitation of the Physically Handicapped thanked her with a Certificate of Appreciation for her generous support of disabled persons in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The House of DKANI is proud to be able to support Esther de Pommery Comtesse de Lambrey in her charitable works by making a donation to her, from every piece of beautiful jewellery sold.

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