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Our Story

The House of DKANI is a private family office. We are from the island of Sri Lanka and can trace our history back to the nineteenth century.

Under the creative partnerships of Esther de Pommery - Countess de Lambrey and Ilana Sunderland, we have set some of our precious gems into exquisite jewellery and created masterpieces for you to treasure. We share worldwide benevolent interests and donations to charities will be made from the proceeds of our sales.

Sri Lanka was once known internationally as Ceylon, but locally as Ratna-Dweepa ( which means “Gem Island ”). The island was blessed with a rich source of sapphires, rubies, amethysts, topazes, and many other gems. Our collection of gemstones has been enriched over the years with gifts brought by foreign diplomats from the kings and queens of many countries.

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