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The Comtesse de Lambrey Royal Collection


This collection of 10 exquisite rings was inspired and designed by Esther de Lambrey. Esther gathered sentiments from the famous royal families throughout history, and represented them in this magnificent collection.


The precious stones are from the famous gemstone mines spanning the world with sapphires from Kashmir and Ceylon, emeralds from Colombia and a ruby from Burma.

Under Ilana Sunderland's supervision, we fabricated these rings using 5th Generation craftsmen, who specialise in platinum.

We are offering these rings as a collection or for individual sale.


A donation from the proceeds will be made to The Esther de Pommery Foundation - "A voice for the voiceless".


Children are at the heart of the Esther de Pommery Foundation. Over tens of millions of dollars worth in toys, medical supplies and life-sustaining goods have been delivered to countries spanning the globe. Support has also been given to over 50 hospitals, orphanages and clinics.

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